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        1. Industry applications

          Car bumper 3D scanning

          Car bumper 3D scanning case

          China's leading automakers need to reverse the design of the car bumper and use the camera-type 3D scanner HL-3DS + 3D scanning car bumper independently developed by Hualang 3D to obtain high-precision 3D data and improve car insurance.

          Practical problems

          1. It is very cumbersome and time-consuming to use traditional methods (such as inspection tools, fixtures, three coordinates, etc.) to measure the car bumper, and it is not easy to accurately and quickly measure and detect the shape of the car bumper.

          2. The automobile bumper has many curved surfaces and buckle parts, and the bumper is relatively large in volume and easy to deform. The general three-dimensional scanner is difficult to quickly and accurately obtain the three-dimensional digital model of the automobile bumper.

          Hualang solutions

          The customer wants to further improve the production of the automobile bumper, save production costs and improve product qualification rate. Therefore, Hualang 3D engineers provide professional solutions: use the camera-type 3D scanner HL-3DS+ (quickly obtain high-precision 3D data of car bumper) + reverse design software Geomagic Studio (convert car bumper point cloud data into triangle Grid surface data) assisted the company in the secondary design of the car bumper.

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          Car bumper scanning scene


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          Car bumper site scan


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          Car bumper STL data chart


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          Car bumper STL data chart


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          Car bumper STL data chart

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