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        Industry applications

        3D scanning of industrial valve components

        3D scanning of industrial valve components

        Valve components are an integral part of the normal development of the entire workflow, and their quality is especially important. Customers need to purchase a 3D scanner for 3D scanning valve assemblies to obtain high-precision 3D data, open mold production and quality inspection of later products.

        Practical problems

        Industrial Valve Effect Chart


        The volume of industrial valve parts is small and complex, and the shadow of groove dead angle is large. Customers need to accurately measure the whole three-dimensional data of the parts. Customers need high speed and precision. Traditional measurement methods can not effectively measure the irregular arc and groove parts of the parts, and it takes a long time and wastes too much human and material resources to meet the development of enterprises and the market. Demand.


        Customers want to introduce new measurement technology, which is very famous. We invite our company Hualang to do the door-to-door demonstration operation and technical explanation, in order to solve the difficult problems faced by customers.

        Scanning field physical drawings

        Hualang solutions

        Recommended equipment: handheld 3d scanner HOLON380


        The volume of industrial valve parts is small and complex. Customers require high scanning accuracy and speed. Hualang hand-held three-dimensional scanner HOLON380 is currently recognized as a three-dimensional scanner model in the industrial field. Its advantages are high scanning accuracy, fast speed, strong stability and high cost performance.


        With the help of our new three-dimensional scanning technology, we can obtain the three-dimensional data of industrial valve components. Can effectively reduce errors, improve the overall scanning accuracy, simple operation and higher efficiency, customers also very recognized the acquisition and purchase of our equipment.

        STL Data Diagram of Industrial Valve Components


        STL Data Diagram of Industrial Valve Components


        STL Data Diagram of Industrial Valve Components

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