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        1. Industry applications

          3D Scanning of Motorcycle Parts

          3D Scanning of Motorcycle Parts

          Customers decided to abandon the traditional measurement methods and introduce new measurement methods (using our hand-held three-dimensional scanner HOLON760 for three-dimensional detection) to modify the motorcycle design, so as to improve the overall performance and appearance design of motorcycles.

          Practical problems

          Effectiveness of Modified Off-road Motorcycle

          This Case

          Hualang Customer: Famous Motorcycle Manufacturer

          Scanning object: Scanning and refitting inspection of off-road motorcycle accessories

          Testing equipment: laser handheld 3d scanner HOLON760

          Measurement requirement: To detect the quality deviation of motorcycle parts after production modification, find out the possible problems of the products, analyze and adjust the data according to the detection, and improve the unreasonable part of the product structure.

          Scanning scene of motorcycle accessories


          Motorcycle fittings are small in size, and the workpiece surface has irregular surface. The traditional detection method is to use coordinate measuring machine to obtain data by dotting. Because of the complex surface of the sample, it is difficult to determine the reference point of the three-coordinate machine. It is impossible to obtain complete three-dimensional data, and it takes a long time and wastes too much manpower and material resources.

          STL Data Diagram of Motorcycle Parts


          STL Data Diagram of Motorcycle Parts


          The 3d scanning data of workpiece with complex curved surface can be obtained quickly by using the Wallang hand-held 3D scanner HOLON760, and the scanning advantages are clear at a glance.

          Hualang solutions

          Because the workpiece under test is a metal reflective part (which can not be sprayed powder), small size and many curved surfaces, customers need to scan quickly to obtain high-precision three-dimensional data of motorcycles for product quality testing. According to customer needs and the characteristics of scanning objects, Hualang Engineer uses hand-held three-dimensional scanner HOLON760 to scan quickly and obtain three-dimensional scanning data, and cooperates with 3d testing software to carry out data. Analyse and test whether the product is qualified.

          Motorcycle Fittings Field Physical Map


          Main features of handheld 3d scanner HOLON760:

          Ultra portable, equipment weight is only 0.87 kg;

          The accuracy is as high as 0.020 mm and the resolution is as high as 0.050 mm.

          Combined with photogrammetry system, the accuracy is higher

          High-speed scanning: 480,000 measurements per second;

          Strong stability, fast scanning speed, simple and convenient operation;

          Almost unlimited 3D scanning, not affected by object size, material, color and so on.

          Scanning process and test results

          HOLON3D engineers first communicate with customers in detail to understand the testing requirements and sample characteristics. Then, according to experience, we recommend using laser hand-held three-dimensional scanner HOLON760 as a detection tool.

          3D Detection and Analysis Map


          The whole scanning process only takes 5 minutes. Finally, the acquired three-dimensional data are imported into Geomagic software for analysis, design and improvement.


          Cross-sectional comparative analysis chart

          Customers are very satisfied with the scanning results!


          Summary of cases

          The whole scanning speed is very fast, and the data is complete. The scanning effect of the details is also very satisfactory to the customers with the Hualang hand-held three-dimensional scanner HOLON760. The analysis report is easy to understand. Users can intuitively understand the quality problems of products. It provides a complete and reliable basis for three-dimensional inspection and reverse design.

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