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        1. Industry applications

          3D scanning scheme for yacht cabin

          Cabin STL data diagram

          Customer is a well-known shipbuilding enterprise in China. It needs reverse design and three-dimensional reconstruction for the scanning of abandoned yacht cabin, which will lay the foundation for the improvement and processing of yacht.

          Practical problems

          Customer Background: Customer is a military shipbuilding enterprise with advanced shipbuilding technology at home and abroad.

          Scanning object: 3D scanning of yacht cabin

          Measurement requirements: Three-dimensional reconstruction of yacht cabin scanning is needed for yacht later improvement and processing production.

          Recommendation: Handheld three-dimensional scanner HOLON 760 + three-dimensional Photogrammetry System (HL-3DP)

          Field shooting

          Difficulty in measurement

          Yacht cabin is huge (about 10 meters long and about 2.5 meters high) with many curved surfaces and is inconvenient to move. When measuring with traditional three-dimensional scanner, the cumulative error will be too large. How to eliminate the influence caused by the error is the biggest problem facing the company. Customers require higher overall accuracy, fast scanning speed and simple operation, which is conducive to the company's future. Period of use.

          Yacht cabin survey site

          Hualang solutions

          According to customer requirements and workpiece conditions, Hualang technical engineers quickly give solutions: using hand-held three-dimensional scanner HOLON760 + three-dimensional Photogrammetry System HL-3DP to scan three-dimensional quickly, can obtain high-precision three-dimensional data of yacht cabin in a short time, effectively solve the traditional measurement time-consuming, measurement cumulative error is large. Customers are very satisfied with the scanning results of our equipment.

          Yacht cabin STL data map


          Yacht cabin STL data map


          Yacht cabin STL data map


          Yacht cabin STL data map

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