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        1. Industry applications

          3D scanning of craftwork

          3D scanning of craftwork "crystal"

          Hualang's strength lies in the continuous practice and innovation of technical solutions as well as high-precision, cost-effective equipment. It not only can quickly and accurately obtain the 3D data of the workpieces required by the customer, but also solve the problem effectively. The problem faced by the customer.

          Practical problems

          This case

          Hua Lang client: a famous cultural art design company in China.

          Scanning objects: "crystal" handicrafts

          Scanning equipment: HOLON380 handheld 3D scanner

          Customer demand: quick acquisition of 3D crystal data for 3D printing

          "Crystal" Scene physical map

          Detection difficulties

          1. "Crystal" crafts are small in size, complex and irregular in surface (with many surfaces and contours). Because the type of workpiece belongs to reflective transparent workpiece, the scanning difficulty is greatly increased.

          2. Customers need to scan quickly to acquire three-dimensional data model and display color rendering data for 3D printing. It is not only difficult, but also time-consuming and laborious to adopt traditional scanning schemes, which can not achieve color restoration and can not meet customer needs.

          "Crystal" scanning scene map

          Hualang solutions

          After fully understanding the needs and problems of customers, Hua Lang recommends HOLON380 handheld 3D scanner.

          The high precision and high speed characteristics of HOLON380 effectively solve the difficulties of traditional scanning measurement. It can not only quickly and accurately acquire the three-dimensional scanning data of all parts of the scanned workpiece, but also be applied to the complex and irregular surface of "crystal" crafts (with more curved surfaces and contours) and the later color scanning processing for 3D printing. It is worth mentioning that the overall effect is also very satisfying to our customers.


          "Crystal" STL data graph


          "Crystal" STL data graph


          Color rendering data of "crystal" handicraft


          "Crystal" handicraft 3D printing real picture

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