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        1. Industry applications

          Three dimensional scanning of pump housing

          Three dimensional scanning of pump housing

          In today's world, the water crisis caused by insufficient water resources and pollution has become a complex problem faced by any country in policy, economy and technology, and a major constraint to social and economic development.

          Practical problems

          The customer is a well-known modern enterprise specializing in the development, design and production of corrosion resistant pumps. Customers need to quickly acquire three-dimensional data from three-dimensional scanning of acid-alkali wastewater treatment equipment for product reverse design and new product development. Due to the limitations of conditions (requiring fast scanning speed, high accuracy and no powder spraying), after comparing several three-dimensional scanners on the market, customers finally choose Warren three-dimensional.

          Customer background: domestic manufacturers of large water treatment equipment

          Scanning requirements: acquiring 3D data of samples for new product development

          Sample introduction: acid-base sewage treatment equipment components (pump housing)

          Pump shell site map

          Hualang solutions

          Customers need to be able to quickly and accurately acquire the three-dimensional data of the pump housing of sewage treatment equipment for the design and development of new pumps. Because of the irregular shape of the pump housing, there are many grooves on the surface profile.

          At present, the design department has been using the traditional method of inefficient has been unable to meet the rapid development of the business environment, the speed of new product launch pressure for enterprises.

          Pump shell scanning scene

          Scanning equipment

          Handheld 3D scanner HOLON760


          According to the problems faced by our customers, our company will give a feasible scanning plan:

          Using the hand-held three-dimensional scanner HOLON760 to quickly obtain the three-dimensional data of the pump housing of sewage treatment equipment, not only has high scanning accuracy and speed, but also can not meet the customer's requirements. The scanning results are very satisfactory to customers.

          STL data diagram of pump housing


          STL data diagram of pump housing


          STL data diagram of pump housing


          Case summary

          The pump shell is scanned by the three-dimensional hand-held laser scanner HOLON760, which has the advantages of fast scanning speed, smooth and complete acquisition of the whole three-dimensional data, easy operation, easy portability, more in line with customer needs and better for customers. Operation experience.

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