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        1. Industry applications

          Scan of bronze statue

          Scan of bronze statue "Guan Gong"

          Crafts come from life, but they create values that are higher than life. It is the crystallization of the wisdom of the people, fully reflects the creativity and artistry of human beings, and is the priceless treasure of human beings.

          Practical problems

          Physical statue of Guan Gong on bronze statue

          This case

          HuaLang client: a master of domestic arts and crafts

          Scanning objects: Handicraft "Guan Gong" bronze statue.

          Scanning equipment: HOLON760 hand held laser 3D scanner.

          Customer demand: fast scan "Guan Gong" bronze statue 3D data for digital 3D display

          The scene of the statue "Guan Gong" is scanned

          Customer requirement analysis

          Customer is a master of Arts and crafts in China. Quickly scan the statue data of Guan Gong to display the three-dimensional digital products. Customers use traditional measurement methods to obtain data, but because of the complex dead angle of the surface contour of Guan Gong copper statue and its heavy and inconvenient movement, the overall measurement effect of scanned data is not ideal.


          Detection difficulties

          1. "Guan Gong" copper sculpture has heavy quality, complex and irregular surface (many dead angles of curved surface and contour). Because the finished industrial products can not be sprayed with imaging agent to prevent damage caused by later cleaning, the scanning difficulty is greatly increased. Many companies in the same industry can not start without a high-quality scanning program.

          2. Customers need to scan quickly to acquire three-dimensional data model and display full-color scanning data. It is not only difficult but also time-consuming and laborious to adopt traditional scanning schemes, which can not achieve color restoration, and the scanning results can not meet the needs of customers.

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