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        Industry applications

        Large home sofa scanning case

        Large home sofa scanning case

        A well-known furniture manufacturer in Foshan uses our company's handheld three-dimensional laser scanner HOLON380 to accurately and quickly acquire the 3d data model of a large sofa (about 2.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m in length and height) and display the full-scale VR.

        Practical problems

        The measured object is large and inconvenient to move, and the surface contour surface is large. Customers need to measure sofa quickly and accurately with high precision and show the whole details of VR without spraying imaging agent, which also increases the scanning difficulty.


        The traditional measurement method is not only inefficient, but also unable to scan the whole structure and curved surface of large sofa, which can not meet the needs of customers.

        Hualang solutions

        The measured length of the large-scale sofa is about 2.5 meters. Due to the large workpiece, in order to effectively control the global cumulative error of three-dimensional scanning and fast measurement, Hualang recommended effective solutions for customers.


        Using our newly developed hand-held three-dimensional scanner HOLON380 to complete large-scale sofa scanning, not only has high accuracy and speed, but also the scanning results are very satisfactory to customers. We have also given our company Hualang three-dimensional high-precision hand-held three-dimensional scanner, high-efficiency scanning process, and professional technical service personnel a high degree of satisfaction. Degree approval.

        Large sofa scene map

        Large sofa scene map


        HOLON380 is a portable laser hand-held three-dimensional scanner independently developed and manufactured by Hualang. It has the following advantages:

        Super portable, body weight is only 0.87kg;

        The accuracy is as high as 0.030mm and the resolution is as high as 0.050mm.

        Adapt to indoor, outdoor and other complex environmental measurement tasks.

        High speed scan: 205000 measurement / sec;

        The measuring space is large and the stability is good.

        Almost unlimited 3D scanning is not affected by object size, material and color.

        Sofa STL 3D data graph


        Sofa STL 3D data graph


        Sofa STL 3D data graph

        Application of 3D display on VR platform

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