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        1. Industry applications

          3D scan of aircraft tire and wheel hub

          3D scan of aircraft tire and wheel hub

          A well-known flying enterprise needs to purchase a set of three-dimensional scanning equipment for testing, in order to save cost and time and improve the competitiveness of the company, such as hub measurement, reverse tire repair and product development and design.

          Practical problems

          Aircraft tyres and hubs are important components of the whole aircraft. The design of tyres and hubs is mostly complex. Hubs are highly matched with tyres and aircraft axles. Hub holes require high accuracy.


          The black hub material of aircraft tyre has high reflectivity. The ordinary 3d scanner can not scan directly. It needs powder spraying to obtain data. It has high requirements for the tools and technology used in three-dimensional inspection. Recently, a manufacturer of a professional aircraft manufacturer has found Hualang. We hope that our company can recommend a suitable 3d scanning scheme and buy equipment.

          Scanning objects:aircraft tires and wheels

          Aircraft tire 3D scanning scene


          Inspection requirements:measuring the size of the car wheel, measuring the location of the equipment, the thickness of the tire wall and the overall model.

          Recommended solution:HOLON 760 laser handheld 3D Scanner + 3D detection software

          Partial scan STL data for aircraft tires

          Hualang solutions

          Detection step

          Step 1

          Using the HOLON760 laser hand-held three-dimensional scanner, the aircraft hub was scanned three-dimensional (without powder spraying) to obtain full-scale three-dimensional scanning data. Simple operation, fast scanning speed, only 10 minutes (in the case of high reflectivity on the surface of automobile hub), and in the scanning process, the data will be displayed on the PC in real time.

          Field scanning data of aircraft hub


          STL data chart of aircraft hub

          Step 2

          The scanned three-dimensional data will be imported into the three-dimensional inspection software developed independently by Warren of our company, marking the points to be measured, and the corresponding measurement data can be automatically generated.

          STL data chart of aircraft hub

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