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        1. Industry applications

          3d inspection of automobile brake system accessories

          3d detection of automobile parts

          A well known automobile manufacturer in Guangzhou needs to purchase a set of 3d scanning equipment to replace the traditional measurement method to scan the parts of automobile brake system for quality inspection, quickly and accurately obtain detailed 3d testing results, analyze whether the products are qualified, and improve product quality.

          Practical problems

          Customer background

          Customer is a developing wholly-owned American enterprise, which imports advanced German automotive production technology and produces a complete set of hydraulic base brake system and industrial control valve body for automobiles. The technology of equipment and manufacturing occupies the leading level in China.

          Scan object:3D detection of auto brake system accessories

          Testing requirements:testing whether the production of auto brake system parts is qualified.

          Recommended solution:Handheld 3D scanner HOLON 760+3D detection software

            Handheld 3D scanner HOLON 760

          Detection difficulties

          Auto brake system accessories are an important part of the whole automobile. They not only affect the safety of automobile driving, but also guarantee the safety of our lives.


          The measured workpiece has small volume, complex structure, different shapes of internal grooves, and many holes in the contour of the surface. The traditional manual detection can not accurately measure the workpiece's surface, wall thickness and hole position, which is time-consuming and labor-consuming and inefficient.

          Auto parts live photos

          Hualang solutions

          The error of auto parts in the production process, the traditional measurement method, the 3D data acquired data is limited and can not automatically brake system parts accurately obtain vehicle.


          HOLON 3D Technology Engineer: used for product quality testing with 3D data 3D scanner HOLON760 scanning fast auto parts, fast speed, convenient operation and shorter time data, high precision, success in solving the problems faced by customers.

          STL chart of auto parts


          STL chart of auto parts

          STL chart of auto parts


          STL chart of auto parts

          STL chart of auto parts


          3d data diagram of auto parts


          3d data diagram of auto parts

          3d data diagram of auto parts


          Cross section analysis and comparison diagram

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