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        Industry applications

        Car wheels

        Automobile three-dimensional detection case

        Practical problems

        Hualang solutions

        Automobile hub is an important component of automotive parts, along with the growth of China's auto parts industry, wheel industries gradually grew.China's auto sales are expected to continue steady growth, provide a development opportunity for the automobile industry.
        Hua Lang scanner can be full size on the surface of the object of the analysis, and ultimately generates detailed test reports, arbitrary position deviation can also be displayed on the value of, and can replace traditional means of detection for automotive testing, reverse engineering.


        Auto wheels three dimensional scans

        Auto wheels three dimensional scans


        Finally – wheel STL data import software, and targeted data compared to the original CAD model, very visual detection of three-dimensional chromatogram can be derived, according to the report, you can clearly see the actual artifacts with overall deviations CAD drawings, clearly aware of quality of the workpiece, such as where there were raised or recessed;Or through a software to analyze the relative position of the holes and assembling information.


        Automobile detection and analysis of three-dimensional map


        Automobile detection and analysis of three-dimensional map

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